Lawrence L Deacon

law Back again and we always need to be giving thanks. Its clear that Jamaica is a special place. A diamond among islands where talent seems to be flowing just like one of their famous rivers. Surely we are taken for granted and being smart is a part of the everyday culture. We possess the three fastest humans on Earth. Album of the century went to Bob Marley, arguable the best coffee and the number one beaches. Never the less the average Jamaican seems to excel despite his or her handicaps in other areas of life.

Lets talk a bit about where and what the new generation has going. After hanging with a few smart kids on the island there is one young man who struck us as quite strange but interesting. His name is Lawrence L Deacon. He runs a company called Lawrence Deacon Graphics. The irony is as blogger who also does entertainment his name had popped up before. He’s given credit for several pieces of album & single covers over the past five years. The reason I’m surprised is that he was only twenty one and that speaks volumes.

We started asking more questions which he obliged. He got started scribbling as a child and at the age of seven his step father realized he had developed a knack of drawing on just about anything and everything. He then honed young Lawrence skills into what we see now. He’s a shy individual but has good manners and an incredible work ethic.

He’s worked with Dj Spade, FullRange Ent, Trackdilla, Kirsten Collins and several more brands and entities such as Time22, Cease Place. At this rate we can say its safe he’s gonna be around for some time.

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