The Fire Keeps Blazing


Reggae has always played a special part on the island of Jamaica. It’s also played a special part in the world as we know it. There has been times when it seems to be the only language understood by many cultures and people.
Reggae artist Potenklei has a his new single called “Dem Know Say A True”. I can say his stage performance of this track is way more appreciated than the single. Please also take note he produced this track from his label “Key In Hand” which he started a two years ago. He’s a creative individual and one who has strong views on Marcus Garvey and his teachings.
The song speaks about knowing the right from the wrong. It speaks about injustice and knowing where we stand as a people.
Potenklei is focused on delivering a message. His style is raw and chisels through mainstream and immediately to our core.The artist is presently working alongside some of the greats in production and musicians in the reggae industry. He’s worked along side Bulby, FullRange Productions & Push A Yute Productions. He’s a reflective artist and that’s also heard on this track. He has three new singles on the way as well. “Bleggeh Bleggeh is also out now. The video (Dem Know Say A True) is out so please go share thoughts and views.

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