Lolaa Smiles


Good day everyone. We are gonna jump right in it as there is someone we would love to introduce to you. She is a young artist with a bright future and a hundred watt smile that can lighten any room. Actually apart from her sultry and angelic voice its one of her key trade marks. This act walked in the room and immediately we all had to pay attention.

Her name is Tanya Anderson more popular known to us as “Lolaa Smiles”. Singing since the age of six, (like most Jamaican children) a young  Lolaa crafted and learned everything she can while going to church with her grand parents. Learning a lot from her grand parents Lolaa has never been shy about working hard and putting in the extra effort. While on the church choir Lolaa honed her skills and started to experiment with ranges within her voice.

Her latest single “Power Of Love” is doing well across several radio stations and platforms. Its a party song that has one of the number one acts in Dancehall as a feature. The track is a duet with “Vybz Kartel” who is known for a string of hits and helping to break new acts and producers. He’s arguably the most consistent artist in the Reggae, Dancehall industry. The song was produced by Eagle Sounds Production and it was a well crafted track and instrumental. Its not bass heavy and allows Lolaa to display her strengths as a songstress.

Her break out single “Kitty Kat” is behind her now and her main focus is getting this song being played on all platforms. Look out for the video that will be out this summer.

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