Changing Of The Guards

When you see them coming. Give them way. Every youth deserves a chance.  Remember Buju Banton got his break at 19yrs old, Beenie Man got his start at 16yrs old, Terro Fabulous got his break at 17yrs old. All those acts went on to become billboard legends. Buju and Beenie both went on to win a Grammy. We get the message and its very clear from listening “Strong Grip Riddim”the youths are here. So maybe it is a changing of the guards. This was a first time production by Star Bwoy Romiii as he is more popular known.

He’s a young man with a bright future and his approach towards music and the industry is still one of a student. Meaning he insist on learning more and getting better at his craft. He’s a professional musician who started his love affair with music while he was in high school. He always had a passion for music according to his friends and family. His parents invested in him learning music and so he was off to music school. Now he has joined forces with a group of young upcoming artist and their management team.

Ova Nyte Ent might be new now, but from what we are seeing and hearing he’s building a fraternity along with Solar Dre. The team has forged a relationship and with in house productions we can all say they can only get better.

There signed acts Darka1 and Monie seem to be on their way to getting that exposure they desire. Darka1 has had some level of exposure with his viral video “Boof Dem Gal”. And while they are not household names they have developed an underground fan base and buzz. If they keep up this pace its a possibility they are gonna be around for some time. Lets keep cheering for them as they focus on making entertaining music while paving the way.

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